30: second elevator pitch goes like this.  At REZiNDiDEA, we’re all about creating remarkable communications opportunities.  Ultimately, we do this by SYNCing Way Outside The Box, providing tens of hundreds of thousands of iDEAs that will create top-of-mind industry/audience awareness and distinction for our valued client-base and their brands, product, services, etc.

Never Short on iDEAs.  We simply “out-create/out-think” our competition 10/100/1000-to-1.  We then begin a truly unique creative process through which we iNNOVATE, Design, Enlighten and Acclaim, identifying and developing “vertising” vehicles that far exceed our client’s communication goals and expectations.  How does the iDEAVERTISING process work/breakdown?

For more info on our services, people, work, iDEAs … please visit our website http://www.reszel.com or call us at (630) 524 4531.



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